Susan Ritchie

Susan Ritchie is an experienced coach and trainer, with a 25 year track record in helping others to achieve success, working with teams and individuals to help them be their best. Sue has lived and worked overseas, an experience meaning she is well placed to help others understand how to overcome their own challenges, identify their strengths, and develop them. Sue forms excellent relationships quickly, inspiring trust and building the confidence to explore issues in a gently challenging but safe environment. She delivers leadership and personal skills training within a range of NHS, Universities and Public Sector bodies, as well as within the private sector. Sue is also particularly interested in working with women to support their empowerment and to find their voice.

strategies-for-being-brilliantSue’s area of specialism lies in helping others to;

  • develop confidence, eradicate self doubt and improve their personal impact
  • use effective communication skills
  • develop personal effectiveness
  • develop personal skills
  • improve interpersonal skills and build relationships
  • build resilience
  • assert themselves

Sue is an author and dedicated writer who loves the arts.

Together we have Your Business in Mind, and work ethically and creative to ensure sustainable change in your terms, for your outcome.