Mike Martin

Mike Martin was born in inner city London in 1964, at 18 Mike joined the Metropolitan Police as a civilian and at the same time volunteered and trained as a front-line ambulance technician.with the St John Ambulance This joint experience broadened his experience and motivation.

In 1990 he co-founded ADMAR which he developed to become a leading Database Management and Data Training and Consultancy company for nearly 25 years. Mike is a skilled Manager, SQL programmer and Data Protection and Information Governance Specialist. He is particularly experienced in conducting risk assessments, implementing processes and forecasting potential risks before they become an issue. With business partner Paul Adams, Mike has recently founded Griffin House Consultancy Ltd, to reflect the changing nature of his business and to gear more and more to creating effective training packages to Senior Management level. This development is a natural progression of changing market place needs. Mike is now a skilled trainer using facilitation, collaboration and interaction to keep Learners engaged.

In the last 3 years, Mike has successfully trained as a Master NLP Practitioner and Certified Coach. He is a New Business Mentor for the Princes Trust and an Employability Mentor for the University of Lincoln. Mike also sees clients privately for one-to-one help and development. As a key associate of Your Business in Mind Ltd, he keeps our risk assessment and DPP processes up to date as the company expands. Mike also assists with some of our NLP training.