Leoni Kitchin (PGDip Coaching)

Leoni is a Coach, Facilitator and Trainer with 20 years of experience developing people via management development programmes and coaching Leaders to realise their own potential. As a Chartered Member of the CIPD and with an MBA she has worked across all levels in organisations with individuals, groups and teams and in many sectors and industries, including Pharmaceuticals, Clinical Trials and Universities. With experience of delivering in large organisations such as Network Rail and Dyson, Leoni is always logical, precise, challenging and supportive and is passionate about recognising potential, nurturing talent and aligning organisation and individual goals.  Leoni is ethical, meticulous and committed to her CPPD, and is currently widening her consultancy after time out of work to have her two young children. Leoni held the position of Vice Chair of the CIPD Swindon branch for four years.

Outside of work, Leoni is committed to her family and involved in community matters, ensuring excellent work/life balance. Leoni is particularly interested in buildings and architecture – a great interest for someone who is so successful at laying firm foundations for the sustainable building of healthy cultures!