Keziah Gibbons, Master Practitioner NLP, Reiki Master and Teacher, BA (Hons)

Keziah is a holistic practitioner with a burgeoning private practice in the Algarve. Her specialisms are in health and wellbeing and her singularity lies in her ability to perceive and work creatively with the ecosystem of the human being, blending mastery of a number of techniques and interventions.

Keziah has developed a keen interest, extensive knowledge, and enthusiasm for ongoing exploration in the realms of storytelling, mindfulness, and pain management, always rejoicing in the interplay between the conscious and unconscious minds. She is currently part of the design and delivery team for the Master Practitioner in NLP and Psychologically Informed Environments.

CoverKeziah also teaches Reiki, NLP, and Tarot, and is the author of Living the Reiki Precepts, a collection of meditations and exercises to inspire practitioners to relate to the Reiki principles.