Dr Graham Dexter RMN RGN RNT DipN M.Ed., Cert. Ed

Graham has invaluable frontline experience in the NHS, and was a nurse, Nursing Manager and subsequently Principal Nursing Tutor at Teesside University before establishing himself as a consultant, trainer and coach. Graham developed the recent MSc Coaching course at the Universities of Hull and Lincoln and is a visiting Senior Fellow (Business Coaching) at the University of Lincoln. He is the author of several publications, including Psychiatric Nursing Skills: a patient centred approach (1988, 1998), highly acclaimed for its ahead of its time insistence on putting the patient first. a

Graham is current in both theory and practice in organisational development and in client services. The outstanding thing about Graham is that he insists on linking the most senior Leadership to the frontline and vice versa. As well as having his finger on the pulse of current organisational engagement needs, he maintains his hands on experience, spending a recent bout in a recovery unit, utilising general and mental health nursing skills, and completing his return to nursing so that his registration to practice as a general and psychiatric nurse, and nursing tutor, is current. Graham is passionate about outcome centred high quality service and leads the talent recruitment and management for the company. He is a certified trainer in NLP (ANLP).

All work and no play makes Graham a dull boy, so he has a hobby in whch he has become a world expert. Graham cultivates and competes with the Birmingham Roller pigeon. The hobby has taken him all over the world and keeps his feet on the ground while the pigeons fly high. Graham has authored three books on the subject and models excellence wherever he goes.