Debra Jinks (MSc Personal and Corporate Coaching, BA Counselling Studies)

Debra specialises in coaching and training work within a variety of contexts that includes clients who purchase services directly and those who receive coaching within an organisational contract and blended learning approach. She has been a manager in the voluntary sector and currently draws on experience of working with a wide range of clients including Department of Education, Health Trusts, Educational Institutions, Social Care Providers. She supports businesses and individuals to enhance performance, identify and address deep rooted issues and patterns, maintain and improve well being and fitness, increase productivity and enhance communication, image, personal and professional relationships and careers.

Debra is used to working with people in organisations where budgets are stretched, there is demand for constant change, pressure to meet sometimes shifting targets and a tension between professional values and financial realities. A recurring theme has been helping individuals manage the personal impact of these challenges against a backdrop of difficult and insecure times whilst working proactively towards performance and developmental goals. Debra was part of a 2012-13 team delivering Coaching to Senior Exec Level at North East London and the City NHS.

personal consultancyAs Chair of the Association for Integrate Coach Therapists, Debra has developed a model of Personal Consultancy which she is using to Executive level within organisations. She is widely published in the field and co author of Personal Consultancy (2012, London, Routledge).

Outside of the work environment, Debra enjoys walking, films, and generally making the very best of life for her, her family and her ever increasing menagerie of animals in need.