Ethical NLP with Your Business in Mind

Modelling excellence for higher performance

How do geniuses do what they do? What is the best standard I could possibly get to? How could I learn to do things better? Who should I learn from? How can I improve what I do?

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If you find yourself asking any of these questions then you may be surprised at how much you would get from NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – the study and science of excellence.

Often NLP is presented just as a set of techniques about communication. While NLP will enhance your communication skills, it is also a modelling technology that can assist you to overcome fears, limitations and do ANYTHING better than you do now: it’s about learning about the differences that make the difference.


People invite us to introduce NLP approaches  in diverse settings

  • Health Trusts: enabling nurses to deliver a more empowering service
  • SME’s: creating growth, developing managerial skill
  • Corporates: developing powerful communication strategies
  • Voluntary:  working with the homeless
  • International: aiding victims of war in recovery
  • Personal:  overcoming phobias, breaking and creating habits
  • Developing Personal and Professional Excellence

So dare to be different – contact us to know more about  our NLP provision.  We will happily provide you  a personal consultation or business presentation.

Current NLP Courses

Diploma in NLP (Spring 2018)

Practitioner in NLP (Spring 2018)

Practitioner Conversion (Spring 2018)

“I started NLP as a professional development opportunity, however, this soon became so much more….(it) has shaped me as an individual. I feel that these essential skills will contribute to success, harmony, and have opened up so many opportunities…I’m excited to explore further!

The experience has been first class, I feel privileged to have had this opportunity. Thank you team Dexter.”

DMG. Business Director Norfolk