Gallery of Success: Ann Parkinson

This month I’ve been reflecting on the assessment processes in NLP and the notion of how we assess when a person demonstrates Mastery.  I like Grinder’s criteria of constant self application, and the ability to work with intent.

ann-parkinsonThis year, I’ve been reflecting on what this means. While doing so, I was pleasantly reminded of the success and innovation of one of our early NLP delegates, Ann Parkinson, who amazed and delighted us with her presentation for certification at Practitioner level. Ann, a neurophysiotherapist, gave us a case study in which, to my mind, she demonstrated a beautiful integration of her understanding of NLP principles within her work with a 13 year old boy with cerebral palsy. She had extrapolated from those principles to develop a unique application from NLP methodology  – `leaving behind a trail of techniques’. Ann described her success, which had life changing impact, and her skilful use of language patterns, metaphor, demonstrable rapport, movement between association and dissociation, to create the perfect innovation for his outcome. To reach the outcome, Ann supported him to jump beyond a conflict which was holding him back. I can only recommend that you read Ann’s account of this process which is, in my view, outstanding.

I recommended the article recently to someone, and read it through again, only to be blown away for a second time. I’m proud to suggest that Ann might enjoy being a member of our gallery of success this month. Since gaining her Practitioner status, she has worked and studied around a number of disciplines, all of which seem to me to have in common the notion of mind and body as one circuitry. She has personally been the difference that makes the difference to me, after I decided to hop over a five bar gate in the rain, managing to twist my knee on my descent. I know that she has made a difference to many lives with her mix of ethical and skilful practice, and would like to publicly commend her as a caring, competent and creative practitioner who constantly demonstrates self application of the NLP propositions, and always works with intent.

Ann’s article can be read on  Enjoy!