Training & Consultancy

At YBIM, qualified trainers use both classical and cutting edge psychologies to educate and train individuals for business and personal success. This means we don’t do trends, we do work that works in its most creative and innovative forms. We offer bespoke training in business settings, assessing what will make the most important difference. We provide training in:

  • Manager as Coach
  • Leadership and Management
  • Assertiveness
  • Trainer Training
  • Resolving Conflict
  • Creating a Culture of Engagement
  • Effective Recruitment
  • Ethical NLP for change
  • Developing psychologically informed environments
  • Recovery from trauma
  • The Psychology of Optimum Performance
  • Robust Team Building

We also offer open courses in Neuro Linguistic Programming (how to make your thoughts, words and actions just as you would want them), Coaching (Certificate through to Masters level), and Trainer Training.

Much of our work is bespoke and we provide award winning innovative approaches to support you to achieve what you need to within your budget.

Additionally,  YBIM’s Directors are honoured to be Visiting Senior Fellows in Business Coaching at the University of Lincoln,  currently teaching coaching courses to Certificate, Diploma and MSc level.

We attract and service clients who range from individuals with no qualifications to professionals with doctorates, from Senior Executives to Fred from next door, and work cross culturally. Training is a privilege, and we respect this hugely, so that all of our clients and delegates go away having received the best possible learnings..