Psychologically Informed Environments

What is PIE?

embracing_with_open_armsA Psychologically Informed Environment is one in which each person is engaged in creating a positive outcome for all stakeholders, challenged and supported to meet their maximum potential, and valued for their role, whatever it may be. In such an environment teamwork and communication flourish and work is carried out consciously with an understanding of and dedication to the objectives and spirit which underpin and inform your organisation.

We can support and assist your organisation to envision, create, and train for your own version of PIE
according to your needs. Because the Psychologically Informed Environment package is designed specifically for your workplace, we do not have a fixed template, however PIE will include some or all of these elements:

  • Listening skills
  • Focus and attention
  • Goal-setting and well-formed outcomes
  • Egan’s Problem Solving and Opportunity Development Model
  • Goal alignment
  • ResilienceInspiring Change Road Map-page-001
  • TA in the workplace
  • Reflective and reflexive practice
  • The verbal package
  • Mindfulness
  • Being client centred
  • Ongoing coaching, training or support after initial delivery

We have a deeply knowledgeable team with diverse specialities and hand select our trainers for each programme in accordance with your objectives.

We have delivered PIE for a number of third sector organisations, including the Riverside group, Inspiring Change Manchester, and Addiction Dependency Solutions, supporting these organisations in achieving their outcomes and remaining true to their ideals, ethics and values.

What the Delegates Say

“The training has been incredible. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.” April 2016

“I really valued the 3 days as it gave me lots of ideas and food for thought about how I can be more valuable to the Service, Project, Staff, and most importantly Service Users.” April 2016

“Two very special ladies who showed me great insight into myself and the way I work and gave me great tools to improve my practice.” April 2016

“Great training, very relevant, new ideas, encouraged to move forward.” April 2016

“Excellent tutors. Very well presented.” April 2016