Practitioner Conversion

This four day course is designed to give delegates who are already trained to Diploma level a progression which enables them to be eligible to be certified as ANLP registered Practitioners. By the end of the course, delegates will have an understanding of all three models from NLP; be able to demonstrate excellence in rapport; and demonstrate the principles of intentional change work. We retain our ethos of principled self-application as the core of excellent practice, aligning to the values of both personal and professional development. You will leave with more approaches to those quick changes which impact performance, and slower-burning changes which influence progression.

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As ever, the learning is dynamic and interactive, and so we may change slightly the order of inputs. We will however cover:

  • Logical Levels of Change
  • Meta Model: the first model of NLP
  • Revisiting Well Formed Outcomes: knowing what you and others want
  • Milton Model: the secret to transformational change through rapport
  • Story telling: creating well formed metaphors
  • Applications: using NLP for change with others
  • Framing, Reframing, Assessment, Futures


Fee, including certification, is £995.00 + VAT.  The total fee for the 10 day practitioner is £1795.00

For booking and enquiries, call Jan on 07892 902 354 or email

Ethical, Dynamic Tuition

Janice Russell, author of An Algarve AffairDr Jan Russell Dexter has been teaching NLP for over two decades and is accredited as a trainer by both the ANLP and ITANLP. Jan has developed her own feel for how to build and integrate NLP as a set of principles, and heads up the creation of ethical and applied NLP training in the Lincolnshire region.


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For booking and enquiries, call Jan on 07892 902 354 or email