Mastery of NLP

Do you want to master the ethical application of NLP?
Do you want to make profound changes for yourself and others?
Do you want to become better at whatever it is that you do, and to help others do the same?

facingOur approach is ethical, dynamic and we typically invite guest tutors to add even more variety and expertise and enhance the experience of our delegates.

This course is ideal for Practitioners of NLP who want to take it to the next level. Numbers are strictly limited which means that there is plenty of personal attention and we run with two tutors plus guest tutors to ensure that we optimise our specialisms and delegates get to work with different styles. Our feedback on this approach is excellent.

In line with our passion to make change and learning accessible, we offer one small bursary to someone on a very low income – always feel free to ask about this. We also have a 10% Lifelong Recognition Discount for all of our previous learners.

embracing_with_open_armsMastery of NLP: Consistent Self-Application and Intentionality

On our Masters programme, we provide the conditions for you to integrate mastery of NLP into your personal and professional lives. We ensure that delegates embed what we understand Richard Bandler to mean by the ‘spirit and attitude’ of NLP. You will learn on multiple levels and in many ways – conscious and unconscious, though language and behaviour, discovery and absorption, in groups and one to ones. The learning journey is highly experiential. Our aim is for you to develop your NLP to the point of unconscious competence.

Burgau Beach

Optimum Timing and Location

After many years’ experience and feedback, we have learned that this course runs best over several modules,  including a week’s residential, carefully spaced to give you time and opportunity to integrate your learnings as you go along and try them out in ‘the real world’ between sessions.

Our dates this year are as follows:

Module 1: 25th and 26th September 2018, Lincoln

Module 2: 13th and 14th November 2018, Lincoln

Module 3 (Residential): 20th-27th January 2019, Algarve

Module 4 (Assessment): 12th and 13th March 2019, Lincoln

We split the course into four modules as in our experience this allows for a much more meaningful integration.

The pre-residential modules of the course will be run in Riseholme in Lincoln over two 2 day blocks, and the assessment over a two day block also in Lincoln.

This year, we are holding the substantive five days residential part of the course in the Algarve. Curiously this enables us to keep costs down as the residential fees are lower than we can find in the UK for similar quality, so there is minimal price increase on our course for the third year running. There is lots of space to relax (swimming pool, beach, beautiful walks, bird watching trails, hire a bike, play golf ). As added value, your price includes the accommodation for a full week, giving two days for you to explore if you should choose to.

 Dynamic, Ethical Tutors

Janice Russell, author of An Algarve AffairDr Jan Russell Dexter is Programme Director. Jan is accredited by both the ANLP and ITANLP and has developed her own feel for how to build and integrate NLP as a set of principles. She is influenced by the innovative work of Robert and Debra Bacon Dilts, and will bring learnings from neuroscience into the course.





Graham Dexter is Course LeaderDr Graham Dexter is guest tutor assessor, and is accredited by ANLP and ILM. Graham excels in working with transformation through pain to health. He is particularly interested in working at an unconscious level and the use of trance in change and development.






Holistic therapist Keziah Gibbons assists on the Algarve residential. Keziah is a Master Practitioner NLP and Reiki Master and teacher, and teacher of Mindfulness. She specialises in metaphor, conscious-unconscious connection, storytelling and creative approaches to applications, and is lead creator of our Defence Against the Dark Arts and Yellow Brick Road courses.





Beryl Lyndley is guest trainer for the UK modules. Beryl was the first female Master Trainer in the UK. She is co author of the highly successful and accessible book NLP in 21 Days, and one of the most extraordinary trainers in the business. Beryl combines an inside out knowledge of NLP with the wisdom and experience of creative practice.

Beryl enjoys life in Anglesey, cherry picking the work and delivery that she wants to do. She is a keen life long learner, and integrates physical and psychological knowledge to promote good health and fulfilment for herself and others.



Nicola Ellwood is guest trainer for the UK modules. Nicola is an ANLP accredited NLP Trainer, a Master Coach. She is passionate about people and the organisations they work for. Her career has enabled her to gain experience in diverse work environments and cultures and she understands the leadership challenges faced in today’s workplace.

Nicola’s professional development and qualifications lie within training, coaching and management, and her core skills lie within Leadership and Management, and the myriad pieces of individual development which enable greatest success in those areas. She is also the creator of innovative new programmes applying NLP principles to professional sports, allowing athletes to achieve consistent success.





Fee is £1850.00 plus VAT, and to confirm your place you must have paid a deposit of £100 by the end of June 2018.

If you would like more information or to book a place on this course please telephone Jan on 07892902354 or email if you have any questions. 

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