Mastering training: the Trainer Training event

As people who train, we often notice how underestimated a skill it is.  We sometimes deliver work in organisations who then choose to cascade the knowledge and new learnings which we’ve created with our groups, and then wonder why it doesn’t have the same impact.  We, on the other hand, realise that why should it when many personnel who are asked to train others do not have a background and/or training in delivering training. Managers have great demands on them, and sometimes just a little more learning goes a long way.

There aren’t many courses around, are there, so we’re thrilled to be putting on our own Trainer Training later in the year. We know that lineage is really important in NLP and between Beryl Lyndley and I, we bring direct learnings from Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Robert Dilts, Tad James, John Overdurf, Julie Silverthorhn, and others.  We’ve created the event so that if you are not NLP trained, you can still do the first module, or even the first two modules, and gain a great deal.

In usual spirit, for this last option, we are offering a great deal for any charitable organisations who would like to send someone on the first and/or second modules, through our sister company, Health and Life Transitions CIC.  If this is you, please contact us for further details 🙂