Diploma in NLP: The Currency of Success

What is NLP?

Do extraordinary things with NLP

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. Through understanding and manipulating the links between neurology, language and behaviour, you can create exceptionally powerful possibilities for how you develop and communicate. NLP awakens you to attitudes, principles and an array of tools to perform better in any area of your life. Through creating the programmes you want, you can learn more quickly, influence personal well-being, relate more effectively in personal or professional contexts, and create brilliant well formed outcomes.

“NLP is probably the single most powerful thing that I have ever learnt, it has had a dramatic positive effect on me personally, my relationships with others and my business – my only regret is that I wish that I had done this course 20 years ago. I could not start to place a monetary value on the gains that I have achieved through attending this course.” CEO, North Lincs.

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The Diploma course runs over 4 days, in two blocks of two to give the opportunity for application and reflection between times. Dates are 17th and 18th March, and 21st and 22nd April, 2018.

The programme is certified by the ANLP , and delivered in collaboration with Ellwood Performance and Mastery, led by Nicola Ellwood.  Nicola and Jan collaborated on our highly successful YBiM Coaching Certificate this year, and expect to repeat our success in this NLP Diploma.  We are particularly excited to unit expertise in the worlds of sporting and business, a unification which recurs in the coaching world over and over again to deliver an exciting event!  If you would like to discuss this programme, seek more information, or reserve a place, please contact Jan Russell Dexter on 07892 902354

Ethical, Dynamic Tutors

Janice Russell, author of An Algarve AffairDr Jan Russell Dexter has been teaching NLP for over two decades and is accredited as a trainer by both the ANLP and ITANLP. Jan has developed her own feel for how to build and integrate NLP as a set of principles, and heads up the creation of ethical and applied NLP training in the Lincolnshire region.


Nicola Ellwood is a Master Practitioner in NLP and Master Coach.  She specialises in performance coaching in sports and rehabilitation, with exciting results.

This four day course is designed to give delegates a solid foundation in NLP, with the ethos of principled
self-application as well as NLP as an approach to use with other people. In our experience this matches the values of both personal and professional development, resulting in quick changes which impact performance, and slower-burning changes which influence progression.nlp

Day 1
  • What is NLP?
  • Presuppositions of NLP and their power in your life and work
  • Rapport with oomph: creating impact
  • The how of thinking: representational systems
  • Well Formed Outcomes: knowing what you want and supporting clients to know what they want
Day 2
  • Effect of representational systems on state and behaviourfacing
  • Flexibility: widening our choice of representation
  • Sub-modalities: an introduction
  • The Art of Calibration
  • In a right state 🙂 How to choose the state you want
Day 3
  • Creating our own experience: Frames and Reframing
  • Meeting Frames: how to have more successful meetings
  • Perceptual Positions
Day 4
  • Levels of Change: Dilts’ neurological levels
  • Using sub-modalities for change
  • Simple mapping across
  • Choose the beliefs that serve you well: introduction to belief change

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Diploma fee, including certification, is £799.00 + VAT.

For booking and enquiries, call Jan on 07892 902 354 or email jan@yourbusinessinmind.com

For some idea of what you might get out of the course, here’s what delegates said after the last Diploma: